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Do you remember when The Greatest Showman came to theaters? I loved it. In fact, there were many of us who watched it multiple times, singing the songs in our cars to the top of our lungs so often that even our kids were obsessed! People here loved it so much that the movie theater opened up a Sing-a-Long night where you could come sing like you were in the show! (Let's be honest, it was a girl-belt-it-out-a-long!)

You probably haven't had a huge on stage breakthrough as did 'the bearded lady' in that show BUT I'm pretty sure there have been moments in your life when you have felt felt small, unnoticed, unappreciated, unsure of who you are. Me too girl, me too! 

In some way no matter what your life’s circumstance is or was, didn't you feel like you somehow connected with the lyrics to “This Is Me”? I sure did, maybe it's because that's what I do! I help others figure out who they are, what's holding them back, how to move forward.  Thus...the creation of this group class I hope you will come to! 

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We will cover:
· Breaking through limiting beliefs
· Connecting who you were, with who you are and who you want to be
· Get tools to increase self-esteem
· Changing negative thinking
· 5 ‘musts’ to make YOUR difference

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I hope to see you soon!