3 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude

Before I share this week's Gratitude Challenge, I just want to say Thank You to those of you who joined in my Gratitude Walk Challenge last week and shared with me how it went for you. So cool, huh? If you didn't get a chance to do it last week - go ahead and do it this week, why not? 

Thank you!

​NOW - on to THIS week's challenge. Since I didn't post it in time it's more of a 'this weekend's challenge' but I know you can do it!

​Ok let's be honest there are thousands of ways to show gratitude, but today I wanted to focus on 3 EASY, quick and yet super effective ways to show gratitude to those people in your life you are grateful for. 

The smallest things can make all difference in your life and others.

We are headed right towards the "most wonderful time' of the year. (Football season, Fall, Holidays, AZ Winter...BEST!)   As we approach the holidays weed to remember to take the time to show our gratitude and spread our kindness. The world needs it. I mean seriously, we ALL need it! We should practice it year round but it seems to be easier to talk about as we approach Thanksgiving. 

1. Phone a friend!

If you watched my Insta-Story you heard tell everyone to close Insta and do challenge #1, which is to phone a friend. Call someone who has always been there for you but you may or may not ex press your gratitude. Make the call less than 30 seconds - just call and let them know why you are calling and WHY you appreciate/are grateful for them.  You up for the same challenge - Ok go! Call someone NOW! If they are really your friend and it's 3AM, call them anyway! They might think something is wrong, or that you're drunk but do it anyway! CALL THEM NOW! 

A couple of years ago I was at a conference when I was challenged to stop what I was doing right then and call a person that is always there for me and to express my gratitude. Oh, easy - I can do this. I call my younger brother and after he said hello, it went something like this.

Me: Hey I know you're busy but I just wanted to call real quick and tell you thank you. You're one of the  people I know I can always count on and I just want you to know how much it means to me.

Brother: You're welcome...uhhh are you ok?

Me: {Laugh crying because I was so grateful and laughing at his response} Ha ha yes and I know this is random but I know you always have my back and I don't always say thank you. I just appreciate you, despite telling mom we would NEVER be friends as adults I am glad we are.

Brother: [Laughing a little awkwardly, I'm sure due to the nature of the call] You're welcome, ditto - you are always there for us and I don't think we express it often either.

Me: I love you, bye.

Brother: [still taken back at the unusualness of this call] love you too, bye.

​Looking back it's all hilarious to me! As soon as I started talking and expressing gratitude years of hardship came flooding back to my memory but having my brother and his family as a safety net and safe haven brought tears!  You don't have to cry about it - just be genuine! 

2. Send a text

Listen, I know some of you are just better with texting and it feels more comfortable. That's ok! Some people would rather hear your voice. BUT this challenge embraces them both! So now that you did the phone call, I challenge you to think of another person who is your quick-go-to. The one that always drops things on a dime to help you out. The quickest fastest way to get to them is through text and they fire right back.  Think of that person and send them a text expressing your gratitude and WHY you are grateful for them. Cool? Ok....TEXT THEM NOW! 

​I'll never forget where I was when I got that last text. Things were hard, I was trying to figure out some things and just feeling in the dumps. It definitely lifted my heart to know that God sent someone with a heartfelt and genuine text just when I needed it! Love you friend! 

3. Send a note

Do you remember what it was like before you had a cell phone? I do! I used to go to the gas station and buy a phone card so I didn't have to use so much money by calling long distance from the 'home phone'.  You feel me?

Those were the same days (prior to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social media. Way back them....hahah the days of not-so-long-ago that we would get cards, letters and paper invitations in our mailbox.  I don't know about you but I RARELY check my mailbox.  In fact, I just got the CUTEST Halloween Party invitation from the mailbox...yesterday. (Oopsie, but thank you Carly!)

BUT what joy it brought as I opened it. You know why I don't check my mail that often? Because it's just bills and junk mail. I have been trying to send more cards so people get a surprise of love in the mail mixed with all the gunk. SO - that is my final challenge for this week.  SEND A NOTE, through the mail system, with a stamp, and your handwriting! Express your gratitude with your handwriting, so you have time to think about what you're going to say that can bring the most good or joy to the receiver! 

Ok - that's it! Super simple, but super effective ways in showing your gratitude.

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