This is Me Class!

I'm SUPER bummed to let you know I had to POSTPONE this class. If you want to be on the exclusive email invite list, please email me at 


I am SO excited about this...but whenI first posted it I wasn’t.

When I posted a video about my first class and then added this graphic... I wanted to cry & vomit. (True story)

Why? Because being vulnerable is HARD! But you know what is even harder than being vulnerable? Being stuck. It sucks. Not progressing. It sucks! Being afraid to live your life instead of exist in it. It all sucks. But guess what? IT’S TIME TO CHANGE!

If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing and I want to help you grow! I am certainly growing and putting myself out there to help more of you!

It's been a bit since I posted it and you know what? I am EXCITED!  I hope you'll join me! 

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