Lean into change…

“Permanence is an illusion. There is a constant in the universe and that is change.”                    - Heraclitus

I loved many different things during my college years. It was in college where I came out of my "shy shell" (true story that most people find hard to believe), I found my voice, I went without a lot of sleep, I went spotlighting for rabbits, building forts, climbing towers, jumping into cotton bails, lighting fires, watching creepy movies in the desert and all kinds of shenanigans.  You might guess I went to college in a small town and I LOVED the changes I learned about myself there. (Oh and the little bit of learning) Those were good years filled with memories I’ll always cherish.

A few years later (cough, cough)  things and ways that I love are a quite different. I love supportive people, I live for real conversations, I'm constantly learning tools to share with others, I am obsessed with snuggling babies, I enjoy having dinner with funny friends, lake trips, my hydroflask full of ice water, people doing their best to live with kindness and of course eating mangos on the beach!

Quite different wouldn't you agree?

We all face changes every day – whether it is a simple change of the weather, our schedule or what we choose to eat. We each deal with change in a different way and change affects us each differently as well. For the most part, we generally deal with the natural daily ebb and flow of life and struggles with  small changes we see and make every day.  However, sometimes there is a change that jumps out of nowhere and totally shakes you to what may feel like all the way to the core. Sound familiar?

These changes can be job changes, marriage, illness, the birth of a child, a recent empty nest or even something as major as a crippling diagnosis or even the death of a loved one – all of which have a different magnitude of how they impact your life. No matter the change we experience, how we embrace that change will forever impact how we are able to live with it.

Change is constant. When a person is trying to be a better person, they will find that friends not be on board with the changes because it effects them.  There’s no need to apologize when a stage of life changes! You’re in a different place. I hope I continue to embrace and love change as it occurs. I have learned that growth as a person and positive change is always a GOOD thing even if the process is hard.

However, change is difficult for people. For some of us, it’s pure laziness. But for others, we don’t like the lack of control or the uncertainty of worse outcomes, bruised egos, embarrassment or failing. People also seem to hate losing more than they love winning.

But, if you don’t learn to embrace change and if you don’t move forward, you will be left behind. So, whether it’s changing the focus of your business, having to learn new technology or replacing a prized employee, you need to know how to deal with change.

What do you love about your life that has come about because of change?

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